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Welcome to Extraordinary, the TFL approved fanlisting to the utterly astounding guitarist, Tora (Amano Shinji) of the Japanese band alice nine. Tora is amazing because of both his skill as a guitarist and his dedication to his band and fans - continuing to play for both even when suffering from a herniated spinal disc. This fanlisting was adopted from Lis on August 24, 2011. Thank you! T.T


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All about the man himself

Occupation: Guitarist (alice nine.)
Name: Tora (Amano, Shinji)
Birthday: September 17th
Blood type: O
Height: 182cm (5' 11")
Weight: 70kg (154 lbs)
Past Bands: Karasu, arakune, Givuss

Tora has the air of a quiet enigma, often coming across slightly mischievous as well. Despite his somewhat subdued personality, his performances are filled with raw power. As Lis said, "The songs he composes have a tendency to be significantly heavy, most likely an influence from his favorite band, Korn. I also find that he exudes a certain elegance on film, in interviews, and during photoshoots, a quality that initially drew me to him."

Since the band's formation, Tora has been described as a Lone Wolf, and it seems to be an accurate statement considering how he tends to keep to himself and doesn't blog as frequently as the other members do. It was quite a few years until he really began to slowly open up, showing a fun, humorous, and warm side to him that he hadn't shown before. As Lis also said, "It's only more recently that we are starting to see a somewhat carefree and even silly air about him in behind-the-scenes footage (from drunken birthday antics to admitting he has a thing for Ashton Kutcher)...a persona I'm enjoying as well.

He says the one thing in life he can't do without is faith and that his strengths and weaknesses are a secret." As another fun fact, the word "Tora" literally translates into "tiger" :3

All about this little fanlisting

This website was created by Lis in 2006 and cared by her for five years. When time came to give it up, she passed it onto Vii (which is me! :'D). When adopting this fanlisting in August of 2011, I wanted it to keep it's original name as a sign of appreciation for Lis. She described her reason for naming it as such:

I renamed this fanlisting in October 2009. I changed the title to Extraordinary, because despite the potentially cliché and trite annotations, it's simply an astute observation of this man. In early 2008, Tora was suffering a herniated disc in his spine, but instead of taking time off from band activities to heal and rest, he proceeded to load up on painkillers and play through what must have been absolute agony. So yeah, I do think he is extraordinary. Granted, it was a foolish thing to do, but it also shows how incredibly dedicated Tora is to his music and to his fans.

I couldn't agree with her more :)